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End of Fall 2016

27 NOV 2016 // NICKY LIM

Fall 2016.

Congratulations on finishing yet another (or your first!) semester here in UIUC. On Nov 27, we had our inagural “thanksgiving dinner” as a farewell to those who have had their last semester with us. Attached below is the manuscript of our President’s speech for your reference.

To those joining us next semester, don’t forget to get some of the recommended listed in our Illini Handbook! Do also join our facebook page by following the link on our homepage.

Have a great winter break and we look forward to seeing you next semester. Do mark out our upcoming activities on your calendars. You wouldn’t want to miss them!

President's Speech

Good evening everyone, Welcome back to campus. I hope that everyone has had a refreshing 1 week break and is pumped and ready for the final 2 weeks of school and week of finals.

As you may already have known, this event — we call it Thanksgiving dinner — is a new initiative by our exco with the 2 objective. Firstly, it is to wish everyone all the best for the finals. We have prepared small hampers with personalised hand-written cards, so do remember to take one by the end of the night. Secondly, it is to bid farewell to our graduating seniors and the exchange students who will no longer be in UIUC next semester. Please stand up. Look around you and appreciate the new friends you’re made, the memories you have created with the people here. I believe this is one of the many other adventures you’ve have had in your stay here in UIUC. Some of you will move on to warmer pastures for your job and career, and some will head back to Singapore to to resume studies. We wish you all the best and to remember us fondly.

Next semester, we can look forward to exciting events every month. CNY celebrations in Jan, MidWest Games in Feb, Singapore Day (similar to careers and study abroad in Singapore) in March and MakanFest in April. Keep peeled for updates on our website and Facebook page.

Let us feast together in in this building, the Illini Union, the heart of our campus one last time together. But before we do, I would like to thank the organising team Yi chao and Amelia for bringing us together. It is never easy to plan for events amidst school work. Thank you. Also to the performers who will be entertaining us tonight.

Thank you and enjoy the dinner!