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Chinese New Year Celebration 2015

22 FEB 2015 // KANG YONG LOH

The UIUC Singapore Students Association held one of its hallmark event of the year 2015. Each year, Chinese New Year coincides with the university’s academic calendar. UIUC will always organize annual events during Chinese New year to celebrate and at the same time create a home away from home.

This year, the UIUC SSA started off the event with our home made “Lou Hei” and a plethora of good food from Cravings! There were a lot of mingling and interactions between not only Singaporeans but also our friends from different parts of the world. The exchanges from Singapore also turned up for the event and we welcomed them with a simple but sweet introduction.

As a tradition, the Freshman batch performed an item of their own. They started off with “Master Keng Yan” reading off the forecast of the year of 2015 in which he gave his blessings and told us all to “always look after your valuables”. Subsequently, Patrick and Annie engaged the audience with a conversational script they designed. The event then smoothly transitioned into a question and answer segment by Kang Yong and Joshua. Following which, the freshies gathered for a combined song.

Just when everyone thought the item was over, the freshies surprised not only the audience but more importantly, our birthday boy Yi Jie with a birthday cake and song. To end off the event, a photo shoot doesn’t suffice. Since this year’s is Singapore’s 50th birthday, all of us did a shout out to Singapore, wishing Singapore a very happy “50TH birthday”!