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Halloween 2014

07 NOV 2014 // WEI YANG HO

Spooky decor greeted participants as they entered 141 Wohlers’ Hall where the UIUC Singaporean Students Association celebrated Halloween this year. The eerie setting coupled with the enthusiastic participants in various quirky outfits got everyone into the Halloween groove quickly.

Various stations were set up to ensure participants had a good time. At one, participants were able to try their hand at painting their own pumpkins. At another, they were able to get their first-ever tarot card reading (which turned out to be surprisingly accurate!). However, the most interesting exhibit was most definitely the Haunted House. After an eerie introduction by the host, participants had their senses assaulted: Torn sheets with bloodstains coupled with dim, flickering lighting, low howling and screaming banshees (Kudos to Vivian for the terrifying costume!) – Essentially, the scariest horror movie you’ll ever watch, but in 4D.

Lastly, everyone gathered to watch the participants of the Murder Mystery game put up a few plays as the conclusion of their game with gruelling themes, “Death on the Gambia”,”Way Out West” and “Curse of the Pharoah”. The humorous script coupled with the exaggerated actions got everyone laughing themselves silly.

We all would agree that it was a good Halloween experience – spooky, and above all, fun. Come and join us next year!