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Mid-Autumn Festival 2014

17 SEP 2014 // IGNATIUS HO

Miles away from home in Singapore, 13 hours behind in time, away from family in every sense. That was the Mid-Autumn Festival (MAF) celebrated this year. Yet in another sense, MAF was celebrated with “family”, thanks to the wonderful MAF celebration organized by the SSA.

What is a MAF without any mooncakes? Hence, the SSA kicked off the event by making mooncakes in the afternoon. Since the traditional mooncakes are much harder to make, snowskin mooncakes were made instead. (Okay, so if the snowskin ones are easier to make, why do we pay more for them?) It was indeed an interesting experience as it was the first time many of us were making our own mooncakes, which we would eat later at night. Everyone was allowed to express their own creativity, resulting in mooncakes of various shapes, sizes and form.

Later on in the night, we all gathered at the quad for the actual celebration. Lanterns were lit, and mooncakes, the snowskins ones we had made and the traditional ones that were purchased, were brought out. As an inclusive RSO within the college, the SSA did not limit the event to Singaporeans only and students of other nationalities joined us in celebrating MAF, where we explained to them the traditions and custom behind the festival. Sky lanterns were also brought out, on which everyone penned their wishes and aspirations for the semester ahead. The sky lanterns were then lit and allowed to float in the air.

Though it was a cold night, the warmth of friendship that abounded among us canceled out the chilliness of the night. Here’s to a great semester ahead for everyone and to the SSA as we strive to be a home away from home.