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Spring Formal 2014

28 APR 2014 // KENNETH KOH

The Singapore Students’ Association celebrated our annual Spring Formal on 19th May this year. One of the highlights of the SSA calendar, the Spring Formal serves as an official handing-over ceremony, where the SSA Exco of 2013-2014 officially pass the reins to the Exco of 2014-2015. Following tradition, outgoing President Tan Rui Lin and incoming President Yeo Bing Lin both made brief speeches, and as the latter detailed his aspirations for the year ahead, the audience found themselves agreeing with Rui Lin: The SSA was in good hands.

With the conclusion of the ceremony, the Spring Formal sparkled to life. The effervescent duo of George and Boyi kept spirits high as we ate dinner, took photos with friends, and – keeping with the Hollywood theme – played games where we tried to guess the names of famous movie soundtracks and actors (only one of whom, surprisingly, was Orlando Bloom). Performances by Gregory and Rae soon followed, mellowing the atmosphere and providing a smooth transition to the highlight of the night: dancing. Led by the couple of the night, Jun Jie and Natalie (the main organizer of Spring Formal!), couples and friends alike took to the dance floor. Although some were hesitant, hosts George and Boyi did an excellent job persuading them to join in, the former beckoning everyone to join him as he whizzed assuredly across the room. By the end of the night, their efforts had paid off: practically the entire SSA was dancing!

The Spring Formal concluded with everyone singing the poignant National Day song, “Home”, as a reminder of how the SSA is our second home; a Singaporean enclave halfway around the world. As we sang, the comfortable feeling of belonging provided a perfect end to an amazing night.